• Long Range...! ( Mutlaka İzleyin )

      Aracın yaptiğı mesafeyi düşünün... Videonun orijinali 25 dakika hızlandırarak 5 dakikaya indirilmiş...

      Arac Summit.. Üzerindeki donanım ise oldukça ilginc..! Youtube`taki diğer videolarına bakmayi ihmal etmeyin.

      İyi seyirler



      Futaba 9Cap is a 9 chanel remote control normally used for aircraft, it transmits on 36Mhz.
      The are two Magic Futaba receivers that allow long range (R319DPS 1024 synth) & (R149DP 1024)
      In air, with live video creating a hostile enviroment for a sensitive RC Reciever, the range on the R319DPS is an easy 8km +
      on ground, not as far obviously, but ive yet to reach the range limit.


      Currently use whats known as 1.2g, 800mw is the power used in most my videos, more recently ive gone a little higher power output.

      Any type of camera realy that has composite video out to be fed into the video transmitter, typically security camera's are used.


      The LIVE feed from the car is fed back to the driver wearing video goggles.
      A single video receiver with stock antenna is all thats really needed to recieve the video feed.


      The Camera in car is controlled by 2 or 3 servos for pan / tilt / & roll if wanted.
      Normally pan/tilt is all you need to simulate your head movement.
      A special headtracking GYRO is worn on the side of the goggles, this unit tracks your head movements that are then fed into your RC Transmitter and onto your car where the servos control the camera to match your head movements.
      Simply put, where you look, the camera looks, and when wearing goggles, you feel 100% like you are actually inside the car for REAL !


      The main goal is to be able to drive the car, explore, and make it home safe without needing to rescue the car should it roll over, get stuck, lost, go out of range, or stollen, etc.
      So far, most adventure have been a success, i have rolled it once, and been lost a couple times.
      Now have a 105db horn installed, that i can TOOT next time i get lost, it will help me work out how to get home, (Hopefully).

      In reality, doing this kind of thing is VERY easy to setup if you get the right gear to start with.
      The general hurdles to get past are a solid RC link, and a solid Video Link, and some good goggles.

      Being new to this forum, i honestly havn't had a chance to look over any other threads or posts, much of this may already be covered here somewhere?
      Thanks for watching my videos, and yes, in some videos, some parts were sped up DOUBLE SPEED, and as someone has already figured, i aint a Yank, lol

      Any questions, be glad to answer.

      btw, no big antenna's, no line amplifiers. the secret is to use RC frequecies and Video Frequencies that can work behind and around obstacles.
      2.4 spectrum for example for Video or for RC is totally useless.

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