• Real Flight 7.5 duyuruldu


      If you don’t already know about Real Flight, then you need to open your eyes in the industry and start flying indoors! Real Flight has been producing top quality RC flight simulators for many years now, and I can guarantee you most of the pro pilots have trained on this simulator. Equip with RealPhysics™ technology, you can rest assure that you are getting a direct translation from simulator flight to the real thing at the flying field.
      Now on the market again with a new version 7.5 with some excellent additions, and changes Knife Edge Software has made. With the Wireless SLT Transmitter Interface, you can break free of the tethered wire from the transmitter to your computer. Simply plug the dongle into your computer’s USB port. A setup window helps you quickly configure your transmitter. You can also still purchase the InterLink Elite Controller Edition.
      MultiRotors pilots will have the chance to indulge in known models, as well as 30+ flying fields to choose from. You have lots of new choices of interaction and obstacle courses such as Scavenger Hunt Pilot Challenge, and the “Ghost Run” Feature that allows you to race your Ghost laps from the previous runs.
      If you, or someone you know is looking to create that muscle memory needed to fly RC, then you can train, and have fun with the Real Flight 7.5. Just in time for the winter months.

      • Wireless SLT Transmitter Interface option.
      • Tones of models and flying fields.
      • Excellent training tool(s).
      • RealPhysics™ technology.
      • New challenges and obstacle courses.

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